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Meet Israeli fashion

Alexandra Katsaiti the stylist of Tamta is in Israel for the Eurovision song contest. We've discussed about the Israeli fashion with Chen Hermon who is a public opinion leader and a fashion blogger from Israel Tel Aviv

-Chen can you name us some famous Isreali designers?

-Stav Ohana, Dana Ivinski, May Mashiah and Karin Vasiluk.

-What characterises the Israeli fashion?

-Israeli fashion is influenced mainly from abroad, but there are women who have a taste of their own. I really love Karin. I think she is special and she breaks boundaries with the clothes she presents. She has a bright future ahead of her.

-How the Israeli people dress up?

-Today fashion includes everything, so both a religious woman and a woman who can not walk with modest clothes can be both fashionable and stunning.

-Is there a famous fashion icon in Israel?

-Yes, Neta Alchimister. She is a a model and I love her style.

You can follow Chen on instagram @chen_hermon

Her account is fashionable with beautiful posts and colours!

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